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Product Specification

Usage/ApplicationInterior Walls
FinishRich smooth
Packaging Size (litre)1,4,10 and 20
Packaging TypeBucket
CoverageOn smooth and non absorbent surface 20.44-22.3 sq mtr/ltr/coat
Drying Time30 minutes (Surface dry)
No. Of Shaded PossibleMore than 1450
Thinning40-50% by volume using water.
Stability of thinned paintUse within 24 hours
Sheen LevelGood sheen
RecoatingMin. 4 -6 hrs(@27 +/-2 Degree Celsius and RH 60 +/-5%
VOCLess than 5 gms/ltr
Dry Film Thickness20-25 (Brush),30-35 (Roller) in microns per coat
Minimum Order Quantity10 Litre

Nerolac Impressions Eco Clean Ultra Luxury Emulsion Paint, Pack Type: Bucket

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