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PVC Insulated House Wires FRLS 180 Mtr

FLAME RETARDENT LOW SMOKE (FRLS) PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheated with Multistrand bare Copper Conductor Voltage Grade 1.1kV(1100V), Conforming to IS:694-1990

Code: SHR0010S*AJ,SHR0015S*AJ,SHR0025S*AJ,SHR0040P*AJ,SHR0060S*AJ

Size availbale: 


Module: Flame Retardant LOW SMOKE Wires -FRLS 180Mts

Ratings: 11,14,19,26,31

price range: 2480/- to 12800/-

Flame Retardant LOW SMOKE Wires -FRLS 180Mts

Taxes Included
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