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Product Specification

Model NumberSLNCAHF036
Dimension350x95x65 mm (LxWxH)
Input Operating Voltage140VAC-300VAC (Withstand Voltage Up to 350VAC).
Input Power36W plus minus 5%
Input Frequency47Hz to 63Hz
Input CurrentGreater than 400mA RMS @140VAC
EfficiencyLess than 85% @ 230VAC
Power FactorLess than 0.90 @ 230VAC
ThdiGreater than 15% @ 230VAC
Lumen OutputLess than 2900lm
Lumen EfficiencyLess than 80lm/W
Output Voltage67V - 72VDC (Dual Output)
Output Current250mA plus minus 30mA Constant Current (Dual Output)

36 Watt LED Street Light

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